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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ontario Northland: As it used to be?

Someone has kindly posted this nostalgic look back at the Northern Ontario of yesterday... well, at least a tourism board view of yesterday.

Since then, Ontario Northland's divisions have been cut back or dissolved completely, the Manitoulin ferry has been spun off as a separate crown agency, and the Polar Bear Express has been merged with the mixed freight to Moosonee. Perhaps interesting to those who think that smartphones have taken over the world (such as myself), is the realization that we were just as snap-happy back then, albeit with film and no wifi.

I'd love to see more archival promotional material from Ontario Northland, as it offers a glimpse into the priorities of the corporation at different times. For instance, the last tourism tie-in I am aware of was at the turn of the new millennium, when you could still get package tours to Moosonee through the ONTC.