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Thursday, May 26, 2016

The ONTC and China

Could somebody please explain to me why every time there is a mention of a possible partnership between the ONTC and the Chinese state railways the link is taken down?

I recently posted a a promotional video for the Chinese government-owned state railway consultants who may be working on the transportation infrastructure for the Ring of Fire. Within hours, the video had been removed from public viewing.

The North Bay Nugget recently published an article on how the ONTC is ready to take part in the mining project should rail be the main mode of transportation. The article also briefly referred to the same Chinese consultants, who are working with various mining partners to study how to connect the Ring of Fire with existing transportation links. Within hours of being published, the article no longer existed on the Nugget's website and had also been removed from its homepage. You can read a cached version of the article here.

Also of note in the article, once you can find it, is the possibility of moving locomotive maintenance from North Bay to Cochrane, which would free up space for more refurbishment work. Corina Moore, President and CEO of the ONTC, also said that she hoped that continued growth in the refurbishment division and improved service on the Polar Bear Express would show Queen's Park that the ONTC "is just as good" as any of the province's other transportation agencies.

CP's Toronto Yard is Shrinking

CP 3021 & 2281, Toronto Yard

Friday, May 13, 2016

Premier stresses ONR's importance

Nothing really new, but calling for an integration of northeastern and northwestern transportation makes sense. While Ontario Northland has always been synonymous with the North, it has really focused on the northeast.

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