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Friday, November 06, 2015

ONTC Cuts Bus Routes

Citing low ridership, the ONTC is cutting back several bus routes in Northeastern Ontario effective November 15.

These include: Cochrane-Matheson, Cochrane-Timmins, Kapuskasing-Hearst, Timmins-Sudbury and North Bay-Timmins.

With many northern residents still taking stock of life without the Northlander, this latest round of cuts has further cemented the divide between southern and northern Ontario. As Gilles Bisson has rightly pointed out, those relying on public transportation were initially promised an enhanced bus service to replace the Northlander. Not only has the enhance bus service not appeared, but bus routes are now being cut.

There is no doubt that the ONTC needed to restructure in order to remain a financially viable entity. However, sustainability appears to have been confused with skeletal service.

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