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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Kelly worried ministry will bleed the ONTC dry

This past week, representatives of the ONTC unions were granted a 1-hour meeting with the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines in Toronto. Since the announcement of 'transformation' earlier this year, there have been concerns as to the stagnant nature of this change - that is to say, nothing is happening.

The meeting, described as "frank," did not offer any real answers. It appears that the potential for refurbishment work from Metrolinx is still a possibility, but not until the ONTC is more "competitive." This is reminiscent of the "enhanced" bus service that was promised, then cancelled, when the government decided that there wasn't any demand.

While the ONTC remains in government hands, its future is more uncertain than ever. After all, what can it do without any work?

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