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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

219 Moves!

Back in April 2012, I saw #219 sitting forlornly rusting away in the Cochrane yard. Since then, the locomotive was put up for sale and bought by the Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Centre to preserve it for future generations.

This week, a special flatcar designed for heavy loads arrived in Cochrane and #219 was rolled onto it for the journey to Capreol. According to Nickel Belt Rail's Dale Wilson, the transportation cost over ONR, OVR, CP and CN rails is being waived by the respective railways. I am heartened to see big corporations offering to help the communities they run through like this.

However, the Museum is still on the hook for the cost of loading and unloading #219. If you can offer them a financial donation, please contact NORMHC. Likewise, the museum is looking for volunteers to help with the restoration once the locomotive is safely in Capreol.

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