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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Call of the Northland Update

It has been quite a while since I have posted any updates on Call of the Northland, my current book project detailing the ONTC divestment process. However, eagle-eyed readers may have noticed an update last month on the book's website hinting at a fall release date.

It's true! The December 2013 Auditor General's report was a turning point and divestment appears to have become transformation. As the various stakeholders and interested parties are holding more open and transparent discussions towards a sensible end to the ONTC saga, my work on the divestment is nearing an end. I am now starting into the gruelling editing, formatting and proofing for publication.

What's next? For those of you waiting for the book, here are a few important dates and points to bear in mind:
  • In order to meet the planned fall release date, I will not be accepting any material or information for inclusion after April 1st. If you have information that you think might help the project, PLEASE contact me before then.
  • If you sell books, or things related to northern Ontario, I would like to hear from you! It's hard for people to read a book if they can't buy a copy. Dealer enquiries are always welcome. The book will be available for purchase online, but I would love to support local book stores too.
  • No new developments will be included in the book after April 1, but I will continue to post updates on this website.
Stay tuned for more updates. In many ways, the easy part is now behind me, now I need to get the word out. After all, what use is a book if nobody reads it?

Back to the editing...

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