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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Runaway Trains

The Canadian media has been full of stories of runaway trains of late. After the tragedy of Lac-Mégantic during the summer, railway safety has once again been a key issue. The latest chapter revolves around runaway trains, which appear to be defined as any train that moves when it shouldn't. The CBC has uncovered hundreds of such incidents over the past decade and has made a map charting every incident. Puting things in perspective, most of the reported incidents appear to be freight cars moving in yards, but there are other incidents that are more worrying, such as CN 450 which left a large portion of its train on the Newmarket Sub near Huntsville. The CBC map is very detailed and there is plenty of information to keep any railway fan interested. I was especially interested to see that neither GO Transit nor Ontario Northland have any reported incidents: a cut above the rest?
CBC Map: Runaway Trains in Canada

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