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Monday, August 05, 2013

Via Rail mulls tighter security after alleged terror plot

This revelation was inevitable. There was no way that the alleged terror plot would not mean more security and the inconvenience that this brings to passengers. One of the key marketing points for rail travel is that you can avoid the hassle of airports by taking the train. The less convenient rail travel becomes, the more people will once again think twice about taking the train.

That said, the proposed VIA security enhancements appear to be mostly 'behind the scenes' such as increased checked baggage scrutiny and linking baggage with passenger lists. Even ID checks are not the end of the world, even if they are annoying. My concern is that this might only be the beginning.

Finally, on a practical note: how does VIA intend to implement these procedures? Only weeks ago, VIA announced further job cuts, including decreasing the number of manned stations. How can you scrutinise baggage when there isn't a manned station?

>>> Via Rail mulls tighter security after alleged terror plot - CBC News <<<

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