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Saturday, June 29, 2013

GO Transit moves to 30-minute Lakeshore route service

Residents of north-eastern Ontario: you too can tear up your train schedules! Of course, that's because there is no train to catch, but I thought you might feel left out now that lucky riders in the GTA have nearly double the travel options. While the government pours enormous sums of money into GO Transit, it is dragging its heels on what to do with the ONTC. In many ways, this stalling is just as bad as divestment because no new money or developments are forthcoming and the indecision hurts the northern economy. If only a fraction of GO Transit spending went to the ONTC, it would mean so much.

All sarcasm aside, this increase in GO service is an important development for public transit in Canada. If only it extended to more places...
GO Transit moves to 30-minute Lakeshore route service | Toronto Star

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