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Thursday, May 30, 2013

ONTC sale against government’s own advice

New documents have surfaced that appear to show how badly planned the divestment process for the ONTC really was. Vic Fedeli's office has found documents from 2012 that appear to show high-level government officials advising the government to stop with the divestment plan as it would not work and would cause major public upset. Notable among the documents is a claim that the financial implications of the divestment have not been considered, backing up the allegations that the whole process was botched from the start.
In recent weeks, the government's resolve in the divestment fight has weakened, suggesting that the reality of the mess that is the ONTC issue is starting to come to light.
ONTC sale against government’s own advice | Your online newspaper for North Bay, Ontario

For further commentary, see the North Bay Nipissing News editorial on the subject.

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