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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Recent photographic wanderings

Having thawed out from my outing to Barnetby, I have been back out and about photographing the railway scene in the north east of England.

First up was a trip to Locomotion: The National Railway Museum at Shildon to see how restoration work on Dominion of Canada was progressing.  The tender is just about ready, but the rest of the locomotive still needs a lot of work.

Dominion of Canada in undercoat

A week later, I was out again for two days of special workings in York.  Here is 8F 48151 with a Crewe-Scarborough special, having just started off again from a water stop near York Hospital.

48151 sets off for Scarborough

The next day, I stood on a chilly, but mostly sunny platform waiting for a Millerhill-Derby working.  It was almost an hour late, but was worth it as the two class 37s roared through the station.

37s roar through York station

The weather here is very bizarre this year.  While the light is now close to the intensity of summer, the temperatures are more reminiscent of January.  Climate change?

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