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Thursday, February 21, 2013

James Bond... On A Train

Despite the recent lack of photographic updates, I have been out and about capturing the British railway scene.  Here a few highlights:

Sometimes, trains on the East Coast Main Line fail and it is up to "Thunderbird" locomotives to go and pull them for the rest of the trip.  Generally, the rescue locomotive is one of DB Schenker's class 67s.  Don't ask me why, but 67020 was actually timetabled to pull 1G55 for its entire run.  I think that it might have been due to engineering works.  It made for a nice shot, followed by a quick escape before the Saturday night party-goers got too numerous around the station.

Sometimes trainspotting isn't archaic, or unpopular.  To promote the release of Skyfall on DVD, an entire IC 225 set has been redone in promo wrap.  The locomotive has even been renumbered 91007!  As I waited to see it, York station staff also came out to take a look, cameraphones at the ready.  It is nice to know that I wasn't seen as a security threat!  Everyone stopped to have a look and to comment on how nice the train looked.  The set should still be running, keep an eye out for it!

Two special trains in two nights, how will I ever keep up!

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