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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Pro-ONTC Cabinet?

Kathleen Wynne's new cabinet was announced on Monday.  Let us consider the new new team in relation to the ONTC (a full list of cabinet ministers can be found here).

Despite the rumours, David Orazietti is not the new Minister for Northern Development and Mines.  Instead, he has been given charge of Natural Resources while Michael Gravelle takes over from Rick Bartolucci.  These two "northern" portfolios thus remain in the hands of northern MPPs, but shift the balance of power away from Sudbury.

Pro-ONTC leadership candidate Glen Murray is now the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure while Charles Sousa, also opposed to the divestment process, is the new Minister of Finance.  These are important cabinet posts and could be important for the future of the ONTC.

The New Deal plan is still on the table, but a lot of work must be done if it is to become a reality.

The Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities is pleased with the new cabinet, especially given the track records of the new ministers, and hopes that the ONTC will be a top priority for the new government.

Here's to a fresh start!

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