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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Fresh Start

The controversy of Dalton McGuinty's resignation last year is now over.  The party has a new leader, Ontario has a new premier and, with the reading of the throne speech, parliament is back in session.

So far, the NDP have said that they will support the government, the Conservatives will not.  The throne speech has been described as "vague" but promising.  The big test, it seems, will be what the budget holds.

Vic Fedeli has towed his party's line, suggesting that the new cabinet is simply an extension of the previous one and that northern Ontario will once again be ignored.  He is, however, very happy with Michael Gravelle being minister of Northern Development and Mines.

Northern Ontario got little mention in the speech, but it was made clear that people would be helped wherever in Ontario they happened to live.

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