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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Coal Train

Weather in the UK has turned very cold, at least for UK standards.  However, in such a damp climate, the real problem is moisture freezing to every surface, turning the country into one big skating rink.  Before this sudden shift in climate, I was able to take some photos on a sunny afternoon last week.

66739 at York

No prizes for guessing the location: it is hard to grow tired of the iconic design of the York station roof.  Even for a Saturday afternoon, the platforms were eerily quiet.  Although there is a double-track freight avoiding line to the south of the station, freight trains frequently pass through the station during a lull in passenger traffic.  Most freight traffic in the York area is the MGR (or merry-go-round) coal trains serving various coal-fired power stations in Yorkshire.  In this shot, a Canadian-built class 66 locomotive is seen rolling through York platform 3 with a southbound coal working.  66739 began life with Freightliner as locomotive 66579, but is now used by GBRF.

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