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Monday, November 05, 2012

Une Visite à Montréal - 2: St-Luc & CAD

As part of my visit to Montreal, Canadian Railway Observations editor William Baird and railfan Frank Jolin invited me on a whirlwind tour of the railway sites of Montreal, culminating in a tour of CP's St-Luc diesel shop.  The St-Luc yard is a sprawling complex of marshalling yards and repairs shops. as well as loading facilities for CP's priority Expressway piggyback train.  The once-enormous roundhouse has now been demolished to the extent that only a few stalls are still standing.  Despite this, the remaining stalls and the adjacent turntable are still used daily.

Many of the locomotives around the diesel shop were former SOO Line SD60s, refurbished and painted into CP Rail colours.  Here is one of these units, CP 6241, formerly SOO 6041.

It was a great tour and merci beaucoup to my guides!

Another important railway site in Montreal is CAD Rail, a railway refurbishment company specialising in locomotive refits.  They are currently refurbishing all of VIA Rail's F40 locomotives and are also part of CP's SD60 refurbishments.  It's not possible to visit their facility, but you can get some good photos by taking an AMT train along the Candiac line and shooting out the coach window.

Frankly, it's probably a better shot than you would get from ground level anyway!

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