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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Work begins on new East Region Rail Maintenance Facility

A few weeks ago, construction on GO Transit's new East Region Rail Maintenance Facility in Whitby officially began.  The project is part of GO's plans to extend GO train service from Oshawa eastwards to Bowmanville.  I decided to take a look at how work was progressing at the site.

GO train #913 heads west past the construction site

This past Sunday, I spent an hour watching the work.  Much of the land has been cleared and levelled already and a crew were busy removing the last of the trees from the site.  Train-wise, it was also a busy morning as the usual complement of GO and VIA trains was bolstered by an eastbound freight and a ballast train.

CN 5949 at Whitby

The ballast train was lead by CN 5949, a former Kansas City Southern SD40-3 that CN had kept in storage until earlier this year.  These distinctive grey units are frequently used on work trains.

I look forward to keeping an eye on construction at the site and will label all future updates as "ERRMF_Whitby".


  1. 5949 is not a CN unit. The 5900 series engines are GTW units.

  2. Agreed, technically the 5900 series are GTW units and the reporting mark is not CN. However, I am going by the operator in this case which is CN.