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Sunday, October 14, 2012

HEPX at Oshawa

Apart from all the 'normal' freight cars you can see, there are also many specialised freight cars in use all over North America - the trick is to find them.  Very often, they lie dormant in yards for years until a job comes along that needs a specific type of car.  As such, they are generally very popular to photograph.  Recently, I was lucky enough to be able to photograph one of these cars for myself.

I was visiting the Oshawa station and its environs when I spotted HEPX 200 at the far end of the Oshawa CN yard.  HEPX 200 is a Schnabel car owned by Hydro One (formerly Ontario Hydro).  Schnabel cars are very specialised and are designed to carry very heavy loads, in Hydro One's case this is usually large electrical transformers.  These cars are made of two halves that separate, the load is put in between and then carried on the railway.  These cars come in all sizes and have multiple axles (HEPX 200 has 20) to spread the weight and are specially articulated to negotiate curves and any trackside obstacles.  To learn more about HEPX 200, visit Tom Daspit's page on it.

After a while, the CN yard power finished shuffling the autoracks around the yard, leaving the Schnabel and its caboose (HEPX 79640) directly opposite the station building.  This made for a great photo.  Now if I could only see a loaded Schnabel...

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  1. Nice of them to pose this unique train for you! ;)