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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First Draft Complete

Topping out at over 20,000 words, the first draft of my upcoming book, Call of the Northland, has now been written.  I am expecting to publish it next year, but the whole process of editing and rewriting must still be done.  I think the final word count will be much higher as I add details and more information to the text.

The book is divided into two parts.  The first half discusses the history of the Ontario Northland Railway (and the T&NO before that) and the politics surrounding the decision to divest the ONTC in 2012.  There have been many histories of the ONR over the years, but mine will focus primarily on the divestment (notably the end of the Northlander), while also highlighting previous attempts to close the railway.  The second half is an account of my first, and only, trip to Cochrane and my impressions as a first-time visitor.

I will also include photos of my trip and of the last Northlanders on September 28 of this year.  I was granted access to the platforms of Union Station in Toronto to witness the departure of the last northbound Northlander.  Later in the day, I photographed the last southbound Northlander using Toronto's skyline as a backdrop.  I offer this shot as a sneak-peek of things to come in the book:

Stay tuned for more updates as work on the book progresses.

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