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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A New Ontario Northland Documentary

There have been several documentaries about Ontario Northland over the years, notably some great ones from Chandos TV.  However, I hadn't heard of any recent documentaries until I met Keenan Menard in Toronto last month.  He is the co-host of an upcoming documentary called The Northlander Documentary.  We were both there to see the last Northlander leave Toronto, exactly one month ago today.

Recently, I asked Keenan to tell me more about the production.  A while back, Jason Payette decided to make a documentary about the train and Keenan soon joined the project.  It will concentrate on the train itself and the communities it serves, notably those south of North Bay.  This is a good decision because people often forget that Ontario Northland's services do extend south of Nipissing and the Northlander through Muskoka was often neglected.  The documentary is especially timely now that the iconic train no longer runs.

The documentary is still very much a work in progress, with Jason and Keenan now compiling the raw footage.  They hope to release the finished product on DVD in future.  I look forward to seeing the finished production!

To learn more about the documentary, visit its Facebook page:

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