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Friday, September 07, 2012

Ticket Barriers for Vancouver

I hate ticket barriers.  They prevent platform access for photography, stop people from being able to see friends and family off on journeys and generally destroy the social cohesion of a railway or transit station.

Imagine my surprise when CBC's Q started yesterday with a tribute to the fare-dodger.  This came in response to the recent installation of barriers on Vancouver's transit system.  I especially like the point about what is "public" transit?

Canada has yet to catch-up with the UK when it comes to fare enforcement.  We have yet to have "revenue protection officers", blanket ticket barriers and a ban on platform tickets (despite the requirement for them to be available).  I do not advocate fare-dodging, transit does not work if people don't pay for it.  However, why destroy a social place like a station in the process?

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