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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Fatal shooting at Toronto's Eaton shopping centre

I don't want to be cynical, or insensitive, but Toronto was due for a big shooting.  On Boxing Day 2005, only one block north of the Eatons Centre, a gangland gun battle took place on the street, killing one and injuring six bystanders - all innocent.  This new incident, in Toronto's most iconic mall has killed one and injured seven, including a child. 

Canada rarely makes the international news, but when it does it is always for the wrong reasons.  This event is a case in point as Canada has made the BBC front page.  While the article does state that gun control introduced in the 1970s has reduced gun crime, it does not mention how the current government is chipping away at that control by abolishing and destroying the Long Gun Registry (a database strongly supported by the police for helping to solve gun crime).  Toronto is increasingly feeling like a big American city - in more ways than one would like to see.
BBC News - Fatal shooting at Toronto's Eaton shopping centre

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