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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Budget votes on the ONTC

This week, a cross-party committee is voting on various proposed amendments to the provincial budget.  Two of them concern the sale of the ONTC.  Monday, the committee rejected an NDP motion that attempted to block outsourcing of ONTC services should the budget pass.  The second motion, to be voted on today, was tabled by MPP Vic Fedeli and calls for a full economic impact study to be conducted into the sale of the ONTC and delivered to parliament no later than 3 October.  Fedeli is optimistic that his amendment will pass.

Whether any of this will actually have an impact is yet to be seen.  The prospect of an election is still there, but much less likely after the NDP agreed to allow the bulk of the budget to pass when it is subjected to a final vote tomorrow.

Update 20 June: Fedeli's motion was defeated.

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